Academic Programs
Mater Academy of International Studies is a non-profit, self-managed elementary, middle and high public school. Although we must be approved and monitored by the local school board, we run independently -- like private schools, except that you do not have to pay tuition! As a result of our independence, our approach to teaching is a little different from that of traditional public schools. Our curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards and encompasses the core subject areas of math, reading/language arts, science and social studies. However, the material is presented in a multi-age setting which fosters a challenging environment thus creating the opportunity to increase learning gains. We also offer weekly special area classes for Spanish, art, music and physical education. Just as each student learns differently, each teacher has his or her unique style of teaching. Therefore, our curriculum includes elements of whole language and phonics instruction, as well as whole group, small group and cooperative group activities. Our faculty relies on parental support as an integral part of our school operations and we are profoundly aware of each stake holder's role in the success of our school.

Programs at the school:
  • I-Ready Reading
  • I-Ready Math
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Springboard
  • Title I
  • Tutoring